Africa High Level Conference

Efficient public procurement practices contribute towards the sound management of public expenditures. Although most African countries embarked on public procurement reforms almost twenty (20) years ago, the continent still lags behind in functional procurement systems and institutions.

Weaknesses in public sector governance remain a huge barrier to sustainable development in most African countries and this has understandably reduced development outcomes, led to higher cost of doing business and deterred private sector development.  As public procurement accounts for between 15% and 25% of GDP in most countries, and as an estimated quarter of this expenditure is lost to corruption or inefficiencies, it is undeniable that efforts to improve service delivery in Africa must be premised on systems and institutions that permit efficiency and effectiveness of Government Expenditure.

Significant progress has been made in advancing good procurement practices, over the years, yet successes have not been uniform or steady. It is, therefore, time that a Pan-African Procurement Conference be organized to take stock of achievements so far in Africa, share best practices, identify existing gaps and collectively agree on how to strengthen the public procurement systems to enhance effective and efficient service delivery.

The objective of the Procurement Conference will be to take stock of achievements so far in Africa, and to formulate strategies to leverage public procurement in improving efficiency and effectiveness of public delivery systems and to become a catalyst for achieving sustainable socio- economic development aspirations of African countries.


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